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Delivery & Returns

Delivery Policy


At, we offer nationwide delivery utilising our purpose-built Hiab crane truck to ensure safe and efficient transport of your orders. However, in certain instances, we may engage local hauliers to fulfil deliveries. Please note the following guidelines regarding our delivery services:


Delivery Method:
* Our primary delivery method is through our purpose-built Hiab crane truck, ensuring secure transportation of your items. However, depending on specific circumstances, deliveries may sometimes be fulfilled by a local haulier.


Delivery Requirements:
* To facilitate deliveries, it is crucial that the delivery location has a hard surface and adequate space to accommodate a larger truck for hand pallet delivery. Due to accessibility constraints, some deliveries may be conducted kerbside.


* We warmly welcome customer collections. To streamline the process, we recommend arranging collections in advance, especially during busy periods, such as the summer months when a high volume of orders is being prepared.


Delivery Limitations:
* Please note that due to varying access and logistical factors, certain deliveries may be conducted kerbside for the safety and efficiency of our delivery personnel.


Important Note:

* While we strive to ensure efficient and timely deliveries, unforeseen circumstances or external factors beyond our control may occasionally affect delivery schedules. We appreciate your understanding in such situations.


Contact Information:
* For any inquiries, specific delivery requests, or to arrange a collection, please contact our customer service team. We are dedicated to providing assistance and ensuring a smooth delivery experience for our valued customers.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding regarding our delivery policies. Thank you for choosing for your delivery needs.


Returns Policy



At, we regret to inform you that we do not accept returns on any paving slabs. We strongly advise customers to measure their required quantities accurately to ensure adequate coverage for their intended area. However, we do accept returns of unopened auxiliary products, such as grout and slurry.


Damaged Goods:

In the event of receiving damaged goods, we prioritize resolving the issue promptly and effectively. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Notification of Damage:

    • Notify us within 48 hours of delivery if you receive damaged goods. Contact our customer service team immediately to report any issues.
  2. Photographic Evidence:

    • It is essential to document any damages by taking clear photos of the damaged slabs immediately upon receipt. Photos serve as crucial evidence to facilitate the resolution process.
  3. Do Not Lay Damaged Slabs:

    • If any slabs are damaged, refrain from laying them. We cannot accept liability for damages reported after the slabs have been unpacked and laid on the ground.
  4. Returning Damaged Slabs:

    • To process a refund or arrange replacements, the damaged, unlaid slabs must be returned to us. Our customer service team will assist you in making necessary arrangements for the return of these slabs.
  5. Resolution Process:

    • Upon receipt of the damaged, unlaid slabs and verification of the reported damages, we will proceed with issuing a refund or arranging replacements, as per your preference.

We strive to ensure a satisfactory experience for our customers and aim to resolve any issues related to damaged goods promptly and efficiently.

Please contact our customer service team for further assistance or to initiate the process for returning damaged goods.

Important Notice


Batch Variations

Porcelain is man made.  It is manufactured in batches and therefore the colour can vary slightly each time it is made.

This means that the porcelain you receive when ordered may differ from the samples or our displays in The Paving Yard, Waterford.

You should make sure you order enough slabs to complete your project as we may have moved to a new batch if you run short.  Take note of the batch code of the delivered porcelain in case you do need to order more.  There is no guarantee that we will have that batch in stock.

It is recommended that you call to The Paving Yard, Waterford to view our range before making your selection to see colours and styles in person.